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Project portfolio

Cecil Hutt, President of BCS Controls, spoke with The Canadian Business Journal about the company’s work across Atlantic Canada, as well as its work in energy management and its
future business goals.

“A lot of our business revolves around construction,”
Hutt said. “As well, we have quite a customer base with different buildings, and once the systems are in, [customers] like to do additions and upgrades, so we do a lot of service work as well.”
Installing more than 800 projects since the company’s initiation, BCS Controls completes most of its work in the commercial build sector, but the company has also worked on projects including office buildings, retail, pharmacies, schools, and more. Most recently, BCS Controls worked on the Trillium on South Park Condominiums Project, a 19-storey building that is based in Halifax.
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Business Increase

Knowledgeable staff, a good product line, and excellent project management represents the competitive advantage of BCS Controls.These attributes make BCS Controls an ideal partner to work along side and it is something that the company also believes is a reason for its recent business growth.
Notably, it would like to see even more
growth in the future. This is supported through an objective of expanding its service division inorder to maintain its existing sites and systems. BCS Controls has focused on implementing this separate division in order to service new and existing customers.
Hutt concluded, “We strive to get the job
done. We know our product well, we install the systems and we make sure they are working properly in order to support the customers.”
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