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Commercial and Industrial Controls For:

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning | Boiler and Burner Management | Process Automation

Energy Management | Refrigeration



Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electric

Building Automation

Phenumatic, Analog, Direct Digital Control of Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation,Chiller and Boiler Supervision and Sequencing, Energy Management Strategies and Graphical Operator Interfaces, Geothermal

Electric Motor Controls

Speed Controls, Starters, Disconnects and Contractors

Flow & Pressure Monitoring and Controls

Sensors, Transmitters, Valves and Actuators, BTU Meters

Humidity Controls

Sensors, Indicators, Recorders, Transmitters and Test Instruments

Indoor Air Quality & Ventilation

Test Instruments, Economizers, CO2 Demand Ventilation and Controls, Garage Ventilation

Level Controls Steam

Valves, Traps, and Regulators


Pneaumatic, Electric, Electronic, Sensors (Thermocouples, RTDs, Infrared) Controllers and Recorders

Test Instrumentation

Refrigerant Leak, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Indoor Air Quality Monitors, Air Velocity Meters, Multimeters and Thermometers


Delay, Cycle, and Defrost Time

Valves and Actuators

Ball, Butterfly, Gate, Globe, Check and Zone Valves with Pheumatic and Electric Actuation.Safety and Shutoff for Gas and Oil | 2410 Highway #2, Waverley NS B2R 1S9| Phone: (902) 406-3100 | fax: (902) 406-3102 |

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